About Michael John Milano & Affiliated Properties

Michael J. Milano has been working in the residential and commercial building arena along the Connecticut shoreline since 1982. His commitment to building homes of enduring value and guaranteed quality began under his father’s tutelage during his high school years.

Mike was literally taught the construction business by John Milano from the ground up. As a teenager, under his father’s guidance, he swept streets, cleaned out storm drains and scraped newly painted windows for another contractor. He acquired knowledge and hands on experience in every aspect of the building of a home, a neighborhood, a commercial project. From his earliest years, Mike emphasized excellent craftsmanship , attention to detail, and respect for the environment regardless of a project’s size. These uncompromising standards are the foundation of his reputation today.

With over 30 years of experience, Mike has a number of successfully completed projects in his portfolio. These include 10 subdivisions ranging in location from Madison and Clinton up through Killingworth and Haddam and over to Branford. Commercial properties include 18 buildings in the Nod Road and Nod Place business district of Clinton, an apartment and retail complex, 67 West Main Street, and a new spacious, luxury apartment complex, 73 West Main Street.

Over the years, Michael has served on the Boards of diverse businesses including The Guilford Savings Bank. He also founded several successful companies of his own. Throughout his career, Mike has found time to be a generous supporter of local nonprofit organizations. He has provided both cash donations and/or storage space for Wind over Wings, the Clinton Rotary, the Clinton Fire Department, Clinton Little League and The Killingworth Foundation. As a builder, he has donated land to the Clinton Land Trust, the Redwing Foundation of Clinton, Madison, Killingworth and Haddam Land Trusts.

In addition, Mike provided excavation services and coordinated the efforts of local contractors to assist in the restoration of the grounds and a pole barn and a much needed public restroom, and most recently the Sugar Shack project at Parmelee Farm, a community gathering place and  historical site in Killingworth. His efforts and those of his building associates and their work crews greatly reduced project costs for the town of Killingworth and the nonprofit Parmelee Farm Committee.

Very much a family man, Michael lives with his wife, Karen,  in a restored 1835 farmhouse in Killingworth.  Their two children, daughter Kristen and son Michael have also joined the family business and live nearby.

Michael John Milano – President and co-founder, MJM Builders of Connecticut, LLC,  MJM Self Storage of Clinton, LLC, Core Investment Group, LLC, RMH Construction, LLC

Our Employees

Michael James Milano – Since a very young age, Mike has been clear about what he wanted to do when he grew up. He began working  alongside his father in the family business during his Xavier High School years and has worn several hats since… as landscape coordinator, machine operator, field supervisor and general contractor whether the project is residential or commercial building construction or large scale landscape such as the establishment of hay fields from rocky terrain/woods.  Mike has built a solid reputation for the ability to lead a job with the attention to detail and quality MJM is known for and he establishes a comfortable relationship with clients and coworkers, all of which make for an enjoyable experience for both the contractor and the customer. Mike is now owner of MJM Builders of CT, LLC.

Kristen Milano – With a Bachelor’s Degree in Interpersonal Communications from Mitchell College, Kristen assists in the MJM office with daily operations and has taken on the roll of service coordinator for our commercial and residential properties as well.

Karen Milano – Advertising, Correspondence, Office Décor, Den Mother,  Lion Tamer, Donut Dispenser – many hats worn here.

*Having our children join the fold in our family business is a blessing we don’t take for granted as together we manage the trials and tribulations of running MJM operations.

Tessa Palmer – Having been with us since 1995,  Office Manager Tessa Palmer knows the ins and out of all aspects of our business and provides extraordinary customer service as well.   As a small family owned business, we are extremely grateful for her professionalism, management skills and dedication to MJM.

Pete Vajda – Pete has been a valued member of the MJM team since 1998. He in an integral part of MJM’s success and is responsible for the ongoing maintenance of our properties.

Tribute to Co-Founder, John M. Milano (1942-2007)

Clinton Home Builder

The father and son team of John M. and Michael J. Milano successfully ran the business of developing residential and commercial properties for twenty-four years. Their joint ventures included the construction of over 300 homes and 30 commercial projects for MJM Builders and MJM Self Storage of Clinton and Cheshire. The Terrace at West Wharf in Madison, and Tuttle Brook Farms in Haddam are their most recent projects.

John Milano transitioned from baker to builder. He saw the change as a business opportunity as well as a chance to work outdoors. John also saw an opportunity to teach his son the construction business from the ground up. As Michael remembers, it was occasionally from below ground up. He still recalls having to climb down into catch basins to clean them out.

MJM Builders was formed when Michael graduated from Hand High School in 1982. Mike went into the construction business in partnership with his father and with his guidance. To this day, Mike appreciates the leap of faith his father took in making him a full partner from the start. “I began this business with very little money, just an eighteen year old kid right out of high school. I have always respected and appreciated my father for the confidence he placed in me when all I had to offer was ambition and hard work.”

By 1987, John had joined Michael full time. Autumn Ridge in Clinton was their first large project. It was followed by North Ridge and Madison Ridge, both in Madison, and Indian River Estates and Taylor Ridge, located in Clinton. John attributed the success of their business ventures to the balance between their respective strengths and personalities.

“Two different generations have different ways of doing things. Michael is more aggressive. I am of the old school and more cautious. I don’t like a lot of debt.” John explained. Playing to their strengths, John met and dealt with customers and took care of the paperwork while Michael worked in the field and with the subcontractors.

John felt that the American dream and the opportunities it offers worked well for him and his family. His grandfather was an Italian immigrant who found work at the Winchester Firearms plant in New Haven. John’s father owned and operated a fruit and vegetable store in West Haven where John and his siblings worked while growing up. That he himself recognized the opportunities this country offers, and was grateful for the success he and his son have achieved, is reflected in his favorite saying: “Nice country, America.”

On July 29th, 2007, John Milano lost his courageous battle with Lung cancer. A devout family man and respected businessman, he will be greatly missed by all.