How do I know what size storage unit I need?

Use our handy size calculator or ask one of our knowledgeable employees for help.

What is climate-controlled storage?

Climate-controlled storage is heated during the winter months and air conditioned during the summer months. The temperature is kept between 60-75 degrees year round.

Do I need climate-controlled storage?

Climate-controlled storage is a way to add another layer of protection to your valuables. It is highly recommended for electronics, heirlooms, upholstered furniture, musical instruments and other items that are temperature or humidity sensitive.

Do you offer storage for RVs, boats, cars and motorcycles?

We offer sizes up to 15×50 which can hold RVs, boats, cars and motorcycles.

How far in advance do I need to book a reservation for a storage unit?

We offer reservations 24 hours in advance.

Can I look at a storage unit before renting one?

Yes! We encourage you to look at a storage unit prior to renting it to make sure it meets all of your needs.

Is there a rental agreement?

There is a Month-to-Month Rental Agreement.

What is the minimum amount of time I can rent a storage unit?

We have a 30 day minimum rental.

How often do prices change?

Prices change on the 1st of each year unless there is a special discount involved.

Do I need insurance for my stored items?

Yes. Please check your homeowners/renters policy to insure your items are covered as we do not insure contents.

What are the fees to rent a storage unit?

We take the first month’s rent (pro-rated for the days left in the month), one month’s security deposit (refundable), and a disc lock (You may bring your own disc lock if you have one.).

How do I pay my bill online?

Click “Pay Here” on our homepage.

When is my payment considered late?

Payments received on the 11th of each month or after are considered late.

Do you offer discounts?

We currently offer Senior Citizens and Military discounts.

When can I access my unit?

Units are generally accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Are there moving carts available?

There are moving carts available for our climate controlled storage tenants.